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Bringing science, art, technology and design together, Science Gallery delivers unique, transdisciplinary exhibitions, events and educational programmes that engage millions of inquiring minds every year in connective, participative, and surprising ways. 

The Science Gallery Network is an international collaboration of leading universities dedicated to public engagement through interdisciplinary art-science initiatives. As a Network, we seek to change the world through youth-led perspectives, igniting conversations and collaborations, to support young people to find connection, hope and agency through curiosity and creativity. We will achieve this as a global platform with a critical mass of public venues and digital spaces engaging millions of people.

Open Calls

Each open call runs for 3 - 8 weeks. Ready your submission at least a few days before the deadline to ensure you have no technical difficulties and can have any queries answered in advance. The submission form closes automatically on the last day, and late submissions will not be accepted.

Most Open Calls are run by individual locations in the Network (Atlanta, Bengaluru, Berlin, Dublin, London, Melbourne, Monterrey, and Rotterdam). Be sure to reach out directly to the correct location that has launched the call for any queries about their process. If the call is run by multiple locations simultaneously, a specific contact will be provided on the call page. Contact information for questions can always be found on an individual Open Call page. Review process dates are clearly published, and results are communicated shortly thereafter.

Technical difficulties with the application forms should be addressed to Submittable directly.

The deadline has been extended to September 30

Science Gallery Atlanta’s upcoming exhibition, THERMAL, will explore the collective role we play in impacting our evolving global and local climates and our responsibility in directing the future of the Earth’s tangible and intangible resources. THERMAL will also represent a call to action for each of us – to embrace individual habits and efforts that can change our communities and develop new approaches to how we can transform our global environment.

In 2024, Science Gallery Atlanta will open the THERMAL exhibition season with a 9,000-square-foot exhibition at the historic Pullman Rail Yards, accompanied by a series of public programs – all informed by a global community of creatives and thought leaders in collaboration with artists,  researchers, and youth from the Atlanta region, as well as area research universities and organizations,  including Emory University. 

Topics for development and partnership include (but are not limited to):

• Climate change • Sustainability  • Environmental studies • Material sciences • Agriculture • Water usage • Public Health • Product design • Bioethics  • Pollution  • City planning • Energy usage

For researchers: Science Gallery Atlanta welcomes your research as a central component in how we develop our exhibitions. You do not have to be an artist or have a pre-existing relationship with an artist – although it’s great if you do! Through our exhibition design process,  we foster collaborations between researchers and artists to develop projects. We welcome your ideas for projects, workshops, public talks, events, etc. If selected, we’ll work with you to bring them to life.

For artists: Science Gallery Atlanta welcomes your artistic practice as a central component in how we develop our exhibitions. You do not have to be a scientist or have a pre-existing relationship with a researcher – although it’s great if you do! Through our exhibition design process, we foster collaborations between researchers and artists to develop projects. We welcome your ideas for projects, workshops, public talks, events, etc. If selected, we’ll work with you to bring them to life.

We are open to all kinds of proposals, inclusive of art exhibits, activities, workshops, public talks or performances for the exhibition season. Most selected proposals will be funded up to a maximum level of $5,000, which should include all artist fees, materials, equipment, shipping, travel, etc. We enthusiastically welcome proposals that come in below that budget. 

We will also consider outstanding larger installations with a budget of up to $10,000, with a focus on experimentation and interaction.These should have a genuine connection to the theme and our target audience. Please note that these  are maximum amounts, not targets. 

About Science Gallery Atlanta at Emory University
 Science Gallery Atlanta at Emory University brings science, art, technology, and design together to deliver world-class educational and cultural experiences. Equal parts engaging and interactive, these events and exhibitions are designed to inspire a passion in young people for new ideas and areas of interest, equipping them with resilience, empathy, and ethical understanding. Science Gallery’s curated programs encourage tomorrow’s leaders to act and find solutions to the challenges facing both local and global communities. Science Gallery leads by example,  conducting an array of comprehensive and interdisciplinary research projects with international impact. For more information about Science Gallery Atlanta, visit:

Are you a conversationalist interested in the intersection of science, art, and research? Are you excited by the opportunity to interact with artists, scholars and experts from all over the world? Curious to know what goes on behind the scenes at a Science Gallery Bengaluru exhibition?

Join our mediator team at CARBON!

Please read the information below carefully. The application form can be accessed by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Apply by: Saturday, 07 October 2023

Who is a mediator?

Mediators are the public face of Science Gallery Bengaluru exhibitions, and converse with visitors about the various concepts explored in our themed exhibition-seasons. They are often the first and only point of contact for visitors, and drive the experience of the exhibition by sharing insights, provoking questions and triggering debates. They also get behind the scene access to the various forces that shape an exhibition-season at Science Gallery Bengaluru! 

Mediators do not teach or explain content but encourage curious engagement with it. Mediators also have a more general role in ensuring a warm, safe welcome and providing an outstanding experience for all our visitors. 

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Part-time Mediator Programme, you should be:

  • Between 18 – 28 years of age at the time of applying.
  • Based in Bengaluru and able to come to the Gallery located in Sanjaynagar.
  • From any discipline or background. You could be studying, working, or pursuing anything else.
  • Familiar with or have an interest in themes around carbon and climate change.
  • Available for mediator training on all weekends in November 2023.
  • Available to mediate for a minimum of 4 Saturdays/Sundays per month for 6 months, between December 2023 to May 2024.
  • Ability to speak Kannada and other Indian languages is highly desirable.

Programme Structure

This programme is divided into two parts:

  • Introduction to Science Gallery Bengaluru and the exhibition-season CARBON.
  • CARBON 101 modules that cover fundamental concepts around the exhibition theme.
  • Training sessions with some exhibiting artists and scholars, who will share in-depth details about the exhibit and the process to create it. Discussions and mediation practice with fellow mediators and the larger SGB team.


  • Attend all training sessions and actively participate in mediator practice sessions.
  • Complete the CARBON Mediator Handbook to further your understanding of the exhibits.
  • Mediate for the exhibition-season CARBON every weekend, from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm.
  • Provide critical reflections on the exhibition and programmes—both from your own experience and from visitor feedback.

Application Timeline

22 September 2023: Part-Time Mediator Open Call goes live

07 October 2023: Part-Time Mediator Open Call closes

13 October 2023: Shortlisted candidates informed

21 and 22 October 2023: Interviews with shortlisted candidates

29 October 2023: Final selections announced

04 November 2023: Mediator Programme starts

31 May 2024: Mediator Programme ends


You will be paid Rs. 750 for every day you mediate. The training period, in November, is not paid.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or if any part of this application procedure is inaccessible to you, please write to us at, and we will assist you accordingly.

About Science Gallery Bengaluru

Science Gallery Bengaluru (SGB) is a not-for-profit public institution for research-based engagement targeted at young adults. We work at the interface between the natural, social and human sciences, engineering and the arts through a Public Lab Complex, ever-changing exhibitions, and mentorship programmes.

SGB is part of an international network of galleries, with sister galleries in Atlanta, Berlin, Dublin, London, Melbourne, Monterrey, and Rotterd

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